new houseWhenever anyone builds a new house or redoing the old house, the one question that bothers them the most is “Is a wooden floor better than tiles?”

This is the most confusing question because both the styles of flooring are very famous and have their own advantages and disadvantages.

There are a whole lot of things that should be taken care while choosing the flooring of the house. Here are few things that you should look into while deciding.

Things to consider:

Whenever you are thinking about what kind of floor you should design for your house, then the ideas that come to your mind would be either wooden or vitrified. When you are deciding on that, keep in mind that both the kinds of floors have their own pros and cons. Here are few of them, which will tell you which one is better for your house according to the situations.

  • Installation and replenishing: Wood laid floors are very tricky to design and replenish whereas installation of tiles is easy, as they are placed on the cement slabs. Even if you re install the tiles after few years they don’t involve the complex procedures like polishing and redesigning.
  • Areas: Tiled floor is good for only bathrooms and kitchen, i.e. where the floor is slippery because there wood floor cannot be installed.
  • Environment: In most of the warm areas, which are also humid wooden floors are ignored because they are not designed for humidity. At such places vitrified flooring is the ultimate option.

  • Cost: When it comes to cost, wooden floors are affordable and take less amount of money, but the vitrified flooring needs more money.
  • Customized Designs: This is one of the drawbacks of the wood flooring, that they cannot be customized easily. Whereas large number of designs and wide options are available for tiles.
  • Sustainability: The vitrified floor is more sustainable because they don’t need to be replenished every time a pet scratches or a color is dropped on it, whereas a wood laiden floor will have to be replenished every time. Thus this makes it more clear that Is a wooden floor better than tiles? It only depends on the choices and situations.flo2

We can clearly see that both the kinds of flooring have their own advantages and disadvantages, which solely depends on the situations and requirements. When anyone is in confusion regarding this then it is better to look into the above discussed conditions and decide accordingly that which one is better. Thus you can easily find the answer for your question “Is a wooden floor better than tiles?”.…