Solar panels are a very unique and new way to conserve energy and resources. This reusable resource is a precious commodity that many households and businesses are investing in for the sake of the environment.

Guide to maintaining installed solar panels

Most companies that provide consumers with solar panel usually ensure the fitting of the panels in the right area of the house. Most companies will advise you to put it on the roof away from any showing areas so that you can avail full use of the panels. Due to the unique nature of the product, demand for it will vary from consumer to consumer. This will also create a change in space required and price. Every panel kit comes with wires, an inverter, a tracker or sometimes a battery as well. If the company is not coming to set up the solar panels, check their websites or manual for instructions. Don not attempt to set up without properly going through both. Since each company may have different instructions ensure you follow the correct ones.

sosr3Before you perform maintenance on your solar panels, you should make sure that your system is disconnected. The panel should be disconnected from the components. Check the levels of the batteries and output to make sure that everything is working. Now make sure that the solar panel equipment is working at capacity:

Check for moisture – There should be no water build-up inside the solar pv panel system. It should be coming out of the holes in the enclosure. Look for condensation on the inside of the enclosure. Make sure the connections are tightened – Watch for potential short circuits. The silicon caulking should hold and there should be no loose parts. If there are any parts that are not airtight go over the edges with silicone caulk. Clean – Clean the solar panel with a nonabrasive cleanser and paper towels. You want to make sure that the solar cells receive the maximum exposure of sun. This means that the transparent Plexiglas should be as clean as possible. There should be no obstructions that shade the solar panel either. IF there are, cut down the trees or reposition the object that is causing the obstruction.Charge Controller – This should be clean and have space around it to release heat. Creating good airflow keeps the system working properly for a long time.

slrMaintaining your panels is incredibly easy. The main thing is to check and see if all the components are unobstructed and undamaged. If you have moving parts such as a solar tracker, you will need to regularly lubricate the gears that move.…