Our house should match with our personalities. There shouldn’t be boredom when we or our loved ones spend time there. It is not just a shelter, but a place where we could always come back to and find comfort.

An adventurous person, for example, could have outdoorsy decorations in his living room. A diver could use his old scuba tank and his underwater photos as wall decorative. Another example could be an athlete who decorates the interior of her home in a manner that shows off her interests in sports.

Here are ideas to improve one’s house by making it a statement of personality:

Adventurous personality

If you identify yourself as an adventurous person, you must have had visited several interesting places. Remember your experience there, and visualize what colors and elements could represent that time.


garden213Wood, water, and stone are the elements for your house if you are thinking of the experience you spent in the forest. It provides solitude, peace, safety, and curiosity.

Starting from the outside of the house, you need to think of landscaping and turning your yard into a life-rich garden. A waterfall-like fountain, colorful selections of plants, and stony side-walks will build the picture of how the house owner’s personality is.

For the interior, wood-made furniture will suit the purpose, but other wood-color or wood-themed décor will also do. Tweaked-wood chair, wood table, and leaf-inspired wall decoration complement your passion for exploring nature.


Sea style, or ocean style, relies more on water element to accentuate the personality. Although it might be costly, having a seaside garden in your front yard can provide you with a comfortable place. You do not need to go anywhere else to get refreshed. You just need to sit and relax at your front yard.

A swimming pool is optional in this case. If you are to make one, then consider having stone bricks as the flooring. You can find a lot of companies that can help you set up your own, unique swimming pool like the H3owatersystems.com – water feature repair San Antonio. With proper design and good maintenance, you’ll feel like you’re actually swimming in the ocean.

Easy-going personality

Maybe you are less likely to go on an adventure, but it is easy for you to bring out the kindest side of people, and that you consider how your guests feel when they are visiting your house. Your personality trait is easy-going and warm.

You do not need to have overwhelming decorations, but it does not also mean that you can leave your house bare and empty. Consider a front yard with a simple water fountain, garden lamps, and some figurines, like hobbit garden figures for example.

Building a tree house in the backyard is also a good idea. Build a small but cozy one. Store books or board-games there, or if it is big enough, a kitchen.

The cost calculation

When making an improvement to a house, calculate your budget carefully. There are going to be extras that you can’t see beforehand. Being prepared is always better because your improvements can always accommodate new suggestions.